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Efficient upkeep and maintenance of residential properties is a full time job. One has to ensure that all the mundane, yet critical tasks are carried out from time-to-time. We at Dublin Lettings have the potential to carry out tasks on behalf of the owner to rid our clients of all their property related worries and hassles. Hiring a team of professional property management can do wonders for multiple or single rental assets. Our clients will be able to invest all their hard-earned money, losing no time in maintaining it. You will never need to get in touch with the tenant. Our aim is to help the property owners choose from a number of different types of management services to landlords residing anywhere. Our charges are determined according to the percentage of the rent earned from the property. We are fully licenced and insured and registered with all regulatory bodies. Here are some details of the services offered by our company:

24/7 Availability

In the case of any emergency we can be contacted at any hour of the day. Our emergency contact numbers are provided and we have trained personnel to attend to you at anytime. Even non - emergency calls and issues will always be looked into as soon as possible. Our branch offices are also open to attend to our clients from 8.30 am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday. We are open on Saturdays to accommodate tenants and clients who are unable to leave work during normal office hours.

Collection of rent

We take responsibility of collection of your monthly rent from the tenant and also pass on notices in case of delay. Evictions can also be dealt with through the offices of the PRTB.

Necessary renovations / repairs Maintenance

We also provide solutions for all your landscaping and maintenance needs. Usually we carry out normal non-emergency maintenance requirements at the time allotted by the tenant. On the other hand, for emergency situations, which pose danger to life and / or property, the tenants are always given our emergency contact information. Along with this we acknowledge that one should keep all repair costs under control. We also have strong professional relationships with several vendors, contractors, and suppliers who provide us with appropriate materials at competitive prices.

Maintain records

We believe in maintaining detailed computerized records on each project. Services such as rent collection, paying off all the property operating expenditures, monthly reimbursements and financial reports is done every day. We can also provide consolidated reports for every single property of yours. You will have online access to our systems allowing you instant access to all income and expenditure on your property. You will receive an email for each and every remittance made to your bank.

Property inspections

Once a tenant has lived in a property for 2 months we inspect and will know what the likely condition of the property would be at the end of the tenure. Frequent inspections are essential. Along with this we also always inspect each and every property prior to any tenancy and at the end of the tenancy.

Management Fees

To know more about our company or to manage your property, let us know about your specific management needs or contact us at 01 402 0066 or email us at

We would be glad to be of help to you.

Regulated by the Property Services Regulatory Authority. Licence No.1131
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