"About a year ago, I decided to buy an investment apartment. I asked a friend who had already been through the hoops for some advice. 'Go to dublinlettings.com', he said. 'They are the only company I dealt with who were totally reliable and did exactly what they said they would do.' "And so it proved. I have no hesitation in recommending dublinlettings.com. This company knows its market. I received sound advice as to decor and furnishing. All work was carried out on time and fittings were precisely what I ordered. Prospective tenants were thoroughly vetted and, thankfully, have proved to be as good as their word. "In short: I have no complaint. Only praise for promises delivered on."
P. Murtagh, The Irish Times.

We have used dublinlettings.com for a number of years to let properties throughout Dublin City and have always found them to be a very efficient and professional company. We look forward to using their services in the future.
M. McInerney. Director Mark McInerney Homes

"Having tried other apartment fit-out and renting services we were pleasantly surprised when we came across dublinlettings.com. They did what they said they would do, with imagination, flair and efficiency. As importantly, they did it when they said they would. We have had no hesitation in recommending dublinlettings.com highly to friends and colleagues."
J. Joyce, Dublin

Dublinlettings.com have been dealing with my properties for the last three years. No matter what problems arise with tenants, repairs or lettings, everything is dealt with smoothly and efficiently. So even though I live on the other side of the world, property investment back home has never caused me any concern.
J. Clarson, Australia

I engaged the services of dublinlettings.com in maintaining my house as a rented property following a career opportunity to relocate to the US almost two years ago. Since that time the staff at dublinlettings.com have been helpful and friendly to both myself and the existing tenants. The company continue to provide the kind of prompt and professional service which is essential to a successful remote landlord arrangement. dublinlettings.com's comprehensive range of services also includes interior design which has been very helpful in keeping the property in top condition. As an existing customer I can highly recommend dublinlettings.com property management services.
R. Mc Cormick

"dublinlettings.com has been managing my property since September 2001. I chose dublinlettings.com because they offered that very professional personal service that was missing from other property management companies. They listened to my needs as a property owner. The contract was handled with care, which gave me the confidence that my property would be treated with that personal care. I also looked at it from a tenants point of view ," I would like to deal with dublinlettings.com ?". I live in Australia so it is imperative that I keep communication via email. I don't have to worry about my property/investment as its in good hands. "
Seamus Kavanagh, Australia

I spent several years managing my property by myself from Seattle. The effort required to deal with tenant issues, plumbing, tenant turn-over, and redecoration from afar was too much. A better way was needed; a property management company that was going to meet our needs and establish a trust between us was what we required. Living in Ireland, one has certain expectations from your property management company. When you live eight time zones away, there is another level of trust and service that is required. Armed with a list of property management companies, with as much printed detail as I could get from the internet, we visited Ireland in October '03 to meet with a select number of companies.

What impressed us when we met with dublinlettings.com was their understanding of that extra level of service we were seeking. Quick communications by email, follow-up statements by snail mail for record keeping, happy tenants, happy neighbours, and a well maintained property. Since then, dublinlettings.com has been as good as their word. The tenants are getting the service they deserve from dublinlettings.com and their list of tradesmen and services are keeping the house and garden maintained. And we are just a quick email away from being kept in touch.

I can highly recommend dublinlettings.com property management services to friends and colleagues.
J Donlon, Seattle, Washington, USA

dublinlettings.com have been managing my apartment since 2003. I have been impressed with their approachability and professionalism. I have confidence that should any problems arise they will be dealt with immediately and thoroughly. I would recommend dublinlettings.com to anyone who was considering renting their property.
J. Lawless, London, UK

I have travelled abroad all my life for a living and I have lived for long periods outside of Ireland. My home and where I pay my taxes is in Ireland. I greatly value my country and its citizenship and much of my investment has been in my native land.

One of the great difficulties that many travelling artists and performers face is the worry of having to leave your property for long periods. The knowledge that you have a trusted company that give personal attention to your property needs and that of your tenants is a service that is worth its weight in gold. When that service is efficient professional and comes with a reasonable price tag its one to be greatly valued.

I have found dublinlettings.com to have all the qualities that are listed above plus a natural friendliness that I am sure puts both property owners and would be rental clients at ease.

I recently lost my wife of over forty years and found the help, support and assistance given to me by many business and personal friends of tremendous help in dealing with bereavement dublinlettings.com were amongst those to whom I am deeply grateful.
D. Warfield Florida, USA

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