Health Insurance

The Health Insurance market is an increasingly competitive area with VHI, Quinn Healthcare and Hibernian Aviva Health (formerly Vivas Health) competing for your business :

  • Hibernian Aviva Health is arguably the market leader at present, offering very competitive pricing and often more comprehensive cover than either VHI or Quinn.
  • Hibernian Aviva Health also cover more hospitals nationwide which is great for those living outside Dublin in particular, but also for those in Dublin, where there is a greater concentration of "Hi Tech" hospitals.
  • For Non-national members, Hibernian Aviva Health are happy to pay for your procedure, to an equivalent price, in another country to enable you to recover near friends and family

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Home Insurance

What is meant by - Buildings Insurance ?

Buildings insurance covers anything that you cannot take away with you if you move house. These include the solid structure of your house including domestic outbuildings and any fixtures or fittings.

What is meant by - Contents Insurance ?

Contents insurance covers household goods and personal belongings owned by you or belonging to members of your household along with domestic employees permanently residing with you, all in the private house and domestic outbuildings.

What is meant by - All Risks cover ?

All Risks cover protects us against loss, theft of, or accidental damage to items outside your house as well as inside your house, items such as jewellery, bicycles, photographic equipment, personal effects, clothing and sports equipment.

What is meant by - An Excess ?

The excess is the amount of any one claim that you will have to pay out of your own pocket before you can make a claim from the insurance company. The normal standard excess on any policy is €125. However, some insurance companies allow you a discount if you opt to choose a higher excess. Ordinarily, most companies have an excess for subsidence of €1,500.

Insurance Providers ?

We have Access to all main providers in the marketplace so we will always endeavour to obtain the best available cover @ the best price.

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Rental Income Insurance

The policy will pay :

The monthly rent (sum insured specified) in the event your tenants stop paying. The first month of default is not covered.

The monthly rent will be paid until such time as the tenants are evicted or for 12 months, whichever occurs first.

Legal advice and expenses up to €50,000 for any dispute which falls outside the remit of the PRTB or where your legal advisor (solicitor) and ours agree that a PRTB decision is unjust.

Where this insurance is taken out within 21 days of a new Tenancy the policy benefits will apply from the inception date of this insurance.

Where this insurance is taken out in respect of an existing Tenancy the following exclusions will apply :

  • Any claim arising within the first 62 days of cover incepting
  • Any claim where there is a history of arrears of more than 7 days in the previous 12 months
  • Any claim where the Insured knew or ought to have known that a default was likely

Note that it is a condition of this insurance that all PRTB requirements are complied with. If the property is not yet registered you may take out the cover however you must also apply for registration with the PRTB. NB - No cover will apply under this insurance if the property is not registered at the time a claim is incurred.

Type of Properties which can be covered - Any self-contained :

  • house
  • apartment
  • flat
  • studio apartment
  • bed-sit

rented out under a single rental agreement, and located in the Republic of Ireland.

Regulated by the Property Services Regulatory Authority. Licence No.1131
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